Booking Calling Kingston is simple and easy!! Please fill in the request form below. In the message box, please tell us where you would like us to perform, when you would like us to perform and the nature of your event!

Depending on the size of your event, we can go from Vocals with a DJ, Five Piece Band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys and Vocals), Big Band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Brass Section, Percussion).

We can also arrange, Backline, Sound, Lighting, Staging, AV and Filming of your event. We can even assist in the production of your event. Click the submit button and we will reply to arrange for all your needs and wants. We have a family of great artists who we love enjoying the stage with as well, have a look at the Calling Kingston Family page and see who is there. Even if you are not booking Calling Kingston and you see an artist that you like, we will make that connection for you!

The Family is not only musicians, but venues, service providers, dancers and many other artists!

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